EC1 Storeys

A collection of neighbourhood tales, illustrated in the tree tops of Islington, encouraging a sense of pride for the area

Installed in Islington, London (Mar 2011)
Client: New Deal For Communities

The green spaces of EC1, Islington were filled with a project commissioned to engage the public and highlight the improvements made to the public realm over the last 10 years.

Almost 60 small house-like structures sat in trees, lighting up at night in four public green spaces. The project centered around storytelling and building on a local sense of pride for the area. The Houses represent the community and intriguing scenes relating to genuine experiences in EC1 filled the structures. Stables and Lucraft worked directly with the residents, spending months gathering stories of life in EC1.

The result was a collection of tales ranging from a young girl’s story about a local dog show in the park, to a resident telling of how a group of neighbours worked together to solve a drugs problem in their building. Some residents told accounts of the area’s history, whilst others recommended current community activities and places that should be visited.

The stories were written on Blue Plaques at the base of the tree, referencing the English heritage plaques, but stating that something important had happened in that location instead of someone important living there.

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