London’s Elms at City Hall

An exhibition to reveal and celebrate the elm tree’s relationship with London’s built environment

Installed in City Hall, London (Dec 2014)
Client: The Conservation Foundation

To celebrate National Tree Week, an exhibition was installed at City Hall for the Conservation Foundations’ Elm Project for London.

This special exhibition revealed and celebrated the elm tree’s relationship with London’s built environment. It showed how the elm’s unique qualities helped to change the city’s infrastructure.

Elm water pipes brought the first piped water in London, while the original London Bridge was built from elm. The legacy of elm continues to live on in the names of the city’s streets and places like Nine Elms. London still has many elms in its streets and parks, providing habitats for rare species of moth, butterfly and lichen.

Decorative scenes were made from laser-cut wood and hand painted to illustrate different stories of how Elm was used throughout history. The installation took advantage of City Hall’s giant map of London by creating tables with cutouts to locate and inform about sights of elm significance.

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