R&C Pharmacy

Evoking the original intrigue and magic of a Pharmacy

Installed in R&C Pharmacy, London.
Client: Architecture Foundation

Twenty-five local shop owners in Willesden, London were paired with twenty-five emerging designers to produce an advent calendar of window displays with a new window being revealed each day.

Stables & Lucraft were chosen to collaborate with an independent Pharmacy to encourage customers to use their local shopping areas. The window was designed to evoke the original intrigue and magic of a Pharmacy. Traditionally, medicines were stored in glass bottles stacked high on wooden shelves, but have since been replaced by small cardboard containers kept out of sight in a Pharmacists back room.

Using a simple concept, from where apothecary jars became the stain-glass window, the shop-front was equally as attractive from inside, to outside the premises. It also offered customers some privacy when collecting prescriptions.

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